Phase 1 RENOVATIONS: Conference center & HJ Foyer

The conference center has long been a vital part of The Jones Center programming. Hosting company meetings, conferences, family reunions, and more, this space has been well used over the last 20 years.

It was in need of an update.

The Jones Center Development Council is a group of stakeholders in the business community who help raise money every year for the Center through various fundraising efforts. Through a series of goal-planning sessions and needs-based surveying, the Development Council championed the need to begin the process of renovating the facility starting with high-need and revenue producing areas first. 

We've selected Jessie Vines with 709 Design and CORE Architects, both based in Northwest Arkansas and known for numerous exemplary construction projects in the region.

Scroll down to view some of the high-quality renderings of the future of The Jones Center. 

The Harvey Jones Memorial Foyer is the entryway into the conference center. By updating this space, we're able to tell the story of Harvey and Bernice Jones' lives and how they built up Jones Truck Lines from two mules and a wagon into one of the nation's largest trucking companies.

The goal was to expose original concrete slab flooring to display the historical character of the space. If you look closely, you can still see the freight tracks that transported shipping containers throughout the truck terminal. This space was original to the terminal, so we wanted to maintain the integrity of the original space. The wood slat ceiling detail to bring in vintage charm- a theme that will be seen throughout the renovations as modeled after the chapel. Notice the subtle wallcovering to support a high-end experience and a backlit mural detailing Jones Truck Lines history and the people that contributed to it.


Now, step into what will be the renovated conference center. Notice the fresh cool gray paint and new carpet that immediately update the space into 2017. We've outfitted the ceiling with new LED lighting that is energy-efficient and adds new life. The conference center has always been three separate rooms that can open up into one large meeting space; however, the space now has brand new wall partitions that easily close and open with added sound reduction so separate meetings can happen simultaneously without disturbing each other.

New tables, chairs, and podiums have been selected to be ergonomic, movable, stackable, and long-lasting. Our goal is for this furniture to last at least another twenty years. The conference center can host up to 85 in each of the medium-sized rooms, or 350 when you combine all three rooms together making it the perfect destination for future business meetings, conferences, or expos. 

When it officially opens in 2017, the state-of-the-art conference center will be a popular venue hosting day trainings, key corporate events as well as family gatherings including wedding receptions.  The conference center will be a vital revenue stream for the Center. 

The Jones Center is still raising funds to furnish the conference rooms with high-quality furniture that will last another twenty years. If you would like to help fund the furniture, please contact for more information.

Phase 2 Renovations: Tyson Foods Fitness and Food Wing

Welcome to the future of fitness. The Tyson Foods Fitness and Food Wing will be outfitted with the newest fitness equipment on the market including cardiovascular machines, free weights, and a yoga studio. A glass and metal wall structure houses televisions for entertainment during your workout. We've surveyed our fitness members, and we've found that comfort is key to them. Indirect lighting fixtures, ceiling mounted fans and rubber flooring maximize comfort for an enjoyable experience at the gym. 

With an affordable price point that gives access to all and double the square footage of the current space, fitness center usage will continue to grow leading to a healthier, more vibrant community. New fitness membership classifications are being added in 2017, so this is the perfect time to become a Jones Center member.


Every weekend, The Jones Center schedule is filled with birthday parties- sometimes upwards of twenty parties in one weekend. With the expansion of the fitness center, we wanted to give these birthday party hosts a special place to enjoy their special day. This space will carry through the same vintage look using the exposed polished concrete that is being displayed in the conference center. This refurbished concrete slab flooring exposes the historical character of the facility while staying timeless. Outfitted with new furniture, kids will have the perfect place to eat after celebrating with a pool or ice party. As an added bonus, children can now enjoy LED lighting above our “Celebration Stations” customizable to their party’s color.

During the weekdays, this space looks completely different. Workers sip coffee while working remotely, fitness members enjoy a cool-down after a long workout, and students come to work on homework after class. With this in mind, we wanted a space that can handle the energy of the weekend with the calmness necessary to promote studying and business during the week. Notice the revitalized skylight brings in an abundance of natural light. The neutral interior finishes with bold pops of accent colors give an updated look with some minor cosmetic changes.  


Another part of the Tyson Foods Fitness and Food Wing is the food service counter. We expect the incoming downtown Tyson Foods employees to want to utilize this space regularly. It's conveniently located near the fitness center and has been equipped for all guests with “grab-and-go” orders or a smoothie after a work out. Notice the reclaimed wood wrapped columns, period light fixtures, and a mural of photos from the historic Harvey and Bernice Jones collection give a vintage feel to the interior design highlighting our Springdale heritage. This continues the historical and timeless feel that permeates the Phase 1 and 2 renovations. Featuring many of the Tyson Foods items you're used to picking up at the grocery store, this food service counter will offer the brands: Ball Park Frank, Wright Bacon, Tyson chicken products, Sara Lee, and other well-known Tyson products. The private dining room offers a great place for lunch seminars, off-site meetings, or private gatherings.   


The final rendering ties them all together. The new west entry bears the name of the wonderful company that is making phase 2 happen: Tyson Foods. Notice the covered al fresco (outdoor patio seating) area so patrons have another dining spot in good weather. Parents can relax on the patio while their children enjoy the ADA accessible playground that continues to provide kids with a safe outdoor space to have fun on the grounds.

The new west entry, which is closest to downtown Springdale, will be a popular hangout destination. This entrance is very commonly used by those who frequent our swimming pools.

These big changes are coming soon, and we'll keep you updated here every step of the way.

The Jones Center Interior Renovation Campaign is a phased renovation taking place over the next 3 years. Major donations, gifts, and naming opportunities are available. If you would like a tour or more information on how you can help fund this 5 million dollar project, please contact or