Staff Spotlight - Gary Cook

Every month in our employee newsletter we highlight one of our employees who share a little about themselves.  Today it is Mr. Gary Cook who moved to Arkansas 10 years ago and has worked for The Jones Center almost the whole time.

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•    Tell us about yourself in 140-ish characters:
Polly Anna-ish, open minded, eclectic. I am interested in looking at life. When I want to know about someone I ask them, "What do you collect?". 38 yrs married.  I spent the majority of my career as a small business owner. Service oriented.

•    The Jones Center is a place where people go to be active. What is your "power song" when you want to be active and get in the mood to have a great day?
Jukebox Hero : Foreigner

•    Favorite thing about The Jones Center:
It's relatively small size, and the similarities it had with my previous nonprofit work.  I appreciate that there is an opportunity for those who can’t afford to pay the full costs via scholarships.

•    What is your title and how do you explain your role to others?
Maintenance Tech 2.  My responsibilities are varied: a door won’t open, boiler operator, light mechanical work,the  lights won’t work. I hope to never have a "that’s not my job," attitude.

•     What is the one thing that folks at work don’t know about you?
I am sentimental.  I am not ashamed to admit that I cry at big events and the occasional touching movie scene.