Gymnastics Classes Begin in March

Gymnastics Kid.jpg
Photo Credit: kellyv via Compfight cc

Beginning this spring, the Jones Center will offer gymnastics classes for children between the ages of three and twelve.

Participants will develop strength and flexibility while learning the fundamentals of artistic gymnastics. The curriculum follows the progressions promoted by USA Gymnastics, including time spent on the bars, the balance beam, the vault and tumbling.

Participating in gymnastics provides many physical benefits, including increased core strength, power, flexibility, balance and overall fitness. Gymnastics can also provide children with a great physical foundation for all sports by increasing their body awareness and coordination as well as educating them about injury prevention.

In addition to increasing their physical abilities, gymnastics can also help children build character and develop social skills. Gymnasts will learn to respect themselves and others, take responsibility, and develop time management skills along with listening skills. They will also learn the importance of setting goals and develop problem solving skills to help them reach those goals.

Classes meet once per week and are only $25 per month.

Check out our gymnastics page for more information!