Aqua Fitness Provides Low Impact Workout

Aqua Fitness
Photo Credit: Canadian Veggie via Compfight cc

Aqua Fitness can provide a great workout without putting any unnecessary strain on the body.

Since the class is held in the pool, it is low-impact, which makes it perfect for anyone who struggles with knee or joint pain.

Despite the low impact, participants will see improvement in overall fitness, including increased muscle strength and endurance.

The 50-minute class uses the buoyancy and resistance of the water to provide an effective cardio workout.

The best part though, is that it is a ‘no sweat’ workout. You can get fit without the stress of spending hours on the treadmill or doing hundreds of crunches.

Plus, there is no need to be nervous if you aren’t a great swimmer. The Jones Center can provide assistance and devices to make anyone feel more comfortable in the water.

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