Speed Camp at The Jones Center

Running is a critical skill for many sports, so why wouldn't your children want to learn how to learn to run faster and better?  Speed Camp is the answer.

Don't let the name of Speed Camp fool you - while there will definitely be attention paid to speed in running, most of the advantages of attending this sports camp are the basic knowledge of posture and process that leads to great agility and power in an athlete's ability. The Director of the camp, Dr. Mike Trexler is a fitness and nutrition expert as well as a coach at the University of Arkansas.  

Two camps will be held the week of June 16 - 20:

  • Ages 8- 11 will meet at 9am through 10:20am
  • Ages 12 and above will meet from 10:30 through Noon.  

The investment?  $50 for five days of training with a collegiate level coach.

Have questions?
Want to enroll?
Call Dean Rawlings at 479.756.8090 x2167 or email him at DRawlings@jonesnet.org