New Fitness Equipment is HERE

We try to continually make ourselves better here at the Center. Our building is 20 years old, but that just means that we're in the prime of our life, right? 2 years ago, we significantly expanded our fitness center and brought it upstairs for convenience. We've been trying to add more equipment every few months or so, but recently, thanks to a generous donor, we have 12 NEW PIECES of hydraulic equipment. 


These 12 stations are designed for 30 second rotations with music. Every 30 seconds you rotate from machine to floor mat to the next machine to floor mat and so on. If you do every station twice, it creates about a 30 minute workout that is SELF-PACED. 

If you've never used hydraulic equipment before, it's pretty cool. There's no weight adjustment, so it saves you a lot of time by not having to fiddle with adding or taking away weight. As you push or pull against the hydraulic equipment, you have to work against fluid to move it from one section to the other (source). This provides resistance going away from your body and bringing it back towards your body.

Have you had the chance to use our new equipment yet? Let us know by commenting below or on Facebook or Instagram. Play. Learn. Belong. #JonesCenterFun