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Thank You to Law Enforcement and Their Families

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A simple thank you. That's all we want to give to the men and women who put their lives on the line for the citizens of Northwest Arkansas every day. 

The best way we thought to support our law enforcement was to give them and their families a whole week of free pool access. From August 1-7, all law enforcement and their families can swim for free at The Jones Center during public pool hours

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Coming Soon: Skate with the Pros of Broadway on Ice

The Jones Center is excited to offer the citizen's of Northwest Arkansas a chance to skate with professional figure skaters!


Sunday, January 12th, at 2- 3pm we are teaming up with the Walton Arts Center and the Ozark Figure Skating Club to present the Sneak Peek Exhibition of Broadway on Ice.  After watching both the local and pro figure skaters go through short routines the public will have a chance to learn behind-the-scenes knowledge from more experienced skaters- skating forward, skating backward, as well as beginner spins and turns!

Prizes will be given away throughout the event including one-on-one skating lessons from the teachers of the Ozark Skating Club and a chance to have a birthday party at The Jones Center.  Attendees will have a chance to have photos taken with professional skaters, and free hot chocolate!

For more information about the event check out this article from The Walton Arts Center.
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