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Concert Pianists Perform in the Chapel/Auditorium

Three accomplished Masters degree classical piano students from the University of Arkansas, NWA Community Classical Piano Student Concert Series will perform a free concert at the Jones Center Chapel Wednesday, December 9, 2015, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Performers are: Daryl F. Rojas, Yoko Fukuda, and Annie Balabanian


They will play:

Prelude and Fugue VI in D minor WTC II Book – J.S. Bach

Sonata Op. 2 No. 1 in F minor – L. van Beethoven

Sonata No. 7 Op. 83 in B flat Major “Stalingrad” – S. Prokofiev

Prelude and Fugue No. 17 in A flat major, BWV 862 – J.S. Bach

Sonata No. 3 in C major, Op. 2 – L. Beethoven

Après une lecture du Dante – F. Lizst

Sonata in E Minor – F. Lizst

I.                    Presto

II.                  Adagio

III.                Finale

Harmonies Peotiques et Religieuses, No. 7 “Funerailles” – F. Lizst


Come enjoy an early evening of beautiful music.

Open Futsal is Back

What's futsal? 

A fast-paced game of indoor soccer that can be played on a basketball court with smaller goals and a smaller, slightly heavier soccer ball. The game is very popular in Spain and Brazil. In fact, there are several high-profile soccer stars who got their start in the futsal world (Ronaldinho, anyone?).

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Now that the sun is setting earlier and it's getting colder outside, we're hosting an open gym futsal-style every Friday evening from 6-10 pm for just $3 (free with a membership). If you're a soccer player, this is your chance to keep your skills up while your competition is eating turkey and playing FIFA.

Now's your chance to prove yourself on the futsal pitch. Play on. #JonesCenterFun

Stuff for Families to do in Northwest Arkansas: The Jones Center

Have you ever been frantically pacing around your house on a crazy day scrambling to find something using Google to do with your kids in Northwest Arkansas? 

Don't worry. We've been there, too.

There are a lot of lists out there of "Stuff to do in Northwest Arkansas", but not all of them are applicable to your family dynamic. Maybe you need something you can bring toddlers to, or maybe you need something under $20 for the whole family, or maybe you need a place to refer your teenagers to go to after they've been staring at their phones for the 3rd straight hour. 

Here's a list of "Stuff to do in Northwest Arkansas" that is perfect for families of all sizes and needs, Jones Center style. 

Of course, we have to start with the ice rink. We boast the only year-round ice arena in Northwest Arkansas, and we have plenty of public sessions for you to bring your family. Our family rate allows you to bring a family of 4 ice skating for just $20, and only $3 per person if you have more than 4 family members.

This unique activity is a lot of fun, and will give your kids something to talk about for days.

Ice skating is only $7 per person for a public session for an individual.

Our pools are state-of-the-art, but can be accessed at a very affordable price. 1 swim session is only $3, so you can bring the kids and a picnic lunch to eat outside at the park for less than $15. The pool area is constantly buzzing with birthday parties and competitive swim teams.

There's so much going on at The Center, we didn't have time to fit it all into one blog post. Here are some of our other basic daily pass costs if you're interested in spending an afternoon here with your family. 

Reminder: Here are all of our basic daily pass costs.

Ice rink: $7

Pool: $3

Gymnasium: $3

Gymnastics room: $3

Fitness Center: $5

Fitness Classes: $3

How do you like to spend time at The Jones Center with your family? Let us know by commenting below. #JonesCenterFun