Why Your Workout Plan may be Failing You


If you’re like me, you’ve dreamed of having that perfect fitness regimen that makes it easy to get and stay fit. And, if you’re like me, you’ve never quite found it. There’s never enough time. Never enough energy. Never enough motivation. There ARE always plenty of excuses though.


I had worked at The Jones Center for more than a year when someone said to me, “don’t you have a fitness center at your office?” Not only were they right, but quite frankly, I had zero excuses for not finding time to exercise. I’m at a premier workout facility 5 days a week and have the opportunity to swim, bike, ice skate, run, lift weights, stair climb, play basketball, and even take fitness classes right at my fingertips any time of day.


That statement was the motivation I needed to get started in January and, six weeks later, I’m still going strong. The Center offers 30 minute fitness classes every weekday that pack a big punch into every minute. I started there. Not only did I find that I felt better and had more energy, but I quickly formed new friendships and found the camaraderie of my new peers had me returning nearly every day of the week. Once I got into the routine of working out, I was addicted to the endorphins it gave me. I started going early to run laps before class and soon people started joining me.

What I quickly learned though, is that life isn’t always on a “perfect” schedule. Lunch meetings, errands or sick kids will sometimes get in the way of a “perfect” workout plan. When my workout plans got derailed, I felt like I was failing.  

I had to learn to let the commitment to regular exercise stick but the structure of a rigid “must do” routine go. Rather than fretting about skipping when it doesn’t work with my schedule, I learned that I have to allow myself to simply make an adjustment. Later in the day, I now find time to go for a run on the trail, lift weights after work or even go for a bike ride with the kids. Now that it’s a part of my routine, it’s literally changed my life and I’m hooked. I look better. I sleep better. I feel better. And, I’m a happier person. 


Kelly Sampson is the Advancement Specialist at The Jones Center. Her blog post is part of our special Guest Blogger series. If you would like to reach out to her, you can email her at