Starting Over: A Story from our Membership Coordinator



As every year begins, the gyms are bursting and phrase “get fit” is a very regular thing in most American’s vocabulary. Although we hope that getting fit is what will happen, the reality of it is that nearly 75% of Americans quit their fitness related New Year’s resolutions. That is 3 in every 4 people just giving up. In today’s society we see the perfect image of fit is a woman with no curves and 6 abs to perfection and a guy with a muscular outline.

This could not be more wrong.  We make simple life choices every single day of our life. What if “healthy” was an easy choice like to wear your black shoes or brown? Well, it is! But How? And Where?


The Jones Center's core offerings include Quality Recreation, Innovative Educational Offerings & Youth Programs and Affordable Meeting & Conference Space for the Northwest Arkansas region's non-profit and business community.

The Jones Center for Families located in Springdale boasts a year-round ice arena, junior-olympic size lap pool, activity pool with a slide, basketball court, indoor track, conference center, and chapel. There are also youth sports like a swim team and hockey as well as individual sports and activities like gymnastics, ballet, aikido, tae kwondo, and figure skating at low pricing for families. The Jones Center offers both memberships and scholarships which include free fitness classes such as Zumba, yoga, Body Blast, Silver Sneakers, circuit, and spin classes. There are also a dozen other nonprofit organizations under our 220,000 square feet. 


The Jones Center has boundless amenities that can be at your fingertips for as little as $5 a month. Yes, only $5! We see the cost of gym and activity memberships drive up and up every year. Recent calls have given me an unlimited insight as to how much cheaper the Jones Center actually is. $125, $99, $75 are just some of the monthly fees that other gyms are charging. These fees did not include anything other than free weights and machine use. $125 a month! It’s a simple choice of choosing to not pay that, and only paying $5. With $120 savings a month, you could save $1440 a year. That is an all-expense paid vacation to Mexico! Trust me, I’ve looked. Also included in this $5 a month membership, you can enjoy many of our great classes including our new one, Body Blast. Body Blast gives members a quick and awesome full body workout.

But I can’t do it. We understand that we have many members whom are at very different levels when it comes to working out. Our highly trained instructors will be there for any technical support during class. They will give detailed showcases of what you can do to modify each part of the exercise thus giving everyone access to every class no matter their level. The Jones Center also offers access to our swimming pools, basketball courts, and ice rink for a small fee. To apply for membership visit or come by our front desk to fill out an application. 


Still on the fence? Not only am I a part of the Jones Center Staff, but I am also an active member here at the Jones Center. During 2015 I underwent three extreme gastrointestinal surgeries due to an extreme case of diverticulitis and a severed colon. Almost losing my life, I was left in an extremely unhealthy situation.

I went from over 300lbs to 160lbs is a few short weeks. Through my faith, I fought back to a stable condition internally, but still found that my physical being was not up to par. I found that simple tasks such as walking were an extreme struggle. Not only was this causing hardships in my physical life, but also causing me to sink into an extremely dark place as it effected my mental health greatly. After being released from doctor’s care in early November 2015 and joining the Jones Center team shortly after, I can stand tall and say with my whole heart that I am the healthiest that I have ever been in my life. I have used these facilities to my advantage! I work out 4 times a week here at the center whether it is individual workouts in the fitness center or Body Blast in the studios. I went from only being able to walk about 5 minutes at a time, to riding a spin bike 6 miles in 30 minutes.

I have never felt so encouraged, but with the Jones Center team, and the facilities to back it up, what we have to offer here is definitely a game changer. I have made simple choices to say yes to Body Blast or yes to just walking a few miles. The simple choices I have made have completely changed my physical wellbeing. Not only has The Jones Center created such an awesome physical wellbeing, but they have given me a positive and progressive mindset as the center promotes all wellbeing, mental and physical. 


So what is next for the Jones Center? Founder Bernice Jones said, “I want the people of the community to realize that The Jones Center is not just for me, but for everybody… and to be part of it; because I want this to go on for years and years when I can’t be here anymore.” Through membership programing in the next year, we will be providing our members with many great assets. There are many great events through the year that assist in making the Jones Center what it is today. We are pleased to announce that we will have some special guest such as Belle, Spiderman, Darth Vador, and Miss Arkansas USA 2016, Abby Floyd with us during this year’s Spring Break Week at The Jones Center. For only $3 a day you can have the time of your life “Swimming with Spiderman”, bouncing through our inflatable obstacle course, and many more activities. Spring Break Week at The Jones Center will be March 21st-March 25th. Stay tuned on our website for details on all the happenings this year!


As we continually grow and develop as a staple of Northwest Arkansas, and Downtown Springdale, we will keep our positive progressiveness, and ask that all remember one simple thing, The Jones Center was created, “To bring people together by serving families, strengthening communities, and making it a better place to live,” and “ALL ARE WELCOME.”  


Please feel free to contact me for any comments, questions and concerns, and I will be more than happy to assist you! 

Chase Coonrod is the Membership Coordinator at The Jones Center. His blog post is part of our Guest Blogger series. If you would like to contact Chase, you can email him at

6-Week Triathlon Challenge

Go get it. Do something you’ve never done before.

January has come and gone, but you've never been into new year's resolutions anyway. You've always wanted to do something new, something exciting, but searching out what that is takes time. 

Well, you've found it. A 6-week Triathlon. This activity has all the benefits of accomplishing something amazing while not having to torture your body through 14 hours of a grueling race in 1-day's time. 

Our facility can accommodate all of your miles.

Swim laps in our junior-Olympic sized lap pool. 

Swim laps in our junior-Olympic sized lap pool. 

Bike on our spin bikes during a class or bring your bike to the Center and cycle around our 1-mile outdoor trail.

Bike on our spin bikes during a class or bring your bike to the Center and cycle around our 1-mile outdoor trail.

Run the outdoor trail, indoor track, or treadmills. 

Run the outdoor trail, indoor track, or treadmills. 

There are plenty of options, and it's up to you to document your mileage, so we're not going to be looking over your shoulder to make sure you complete this. You can do it!

From February 1-March 11, you get to manually log your own miles to accomplish something you never have before. The best part: all competitors who complete the mileage get a finisher's t-shirt. 

You've still got time to sign up, but the longer you wait, the less time you have to finish your mileage. 

You can register in person at the reception desk, by phone at 479-756-8090, or online at Cost is only $10


Extended Ice Skating Hours Dec 28-30th

It's that time of year. The winter season is here, and what better way to enjoy the winter season than by ice skating at the only year-round ice rink in all of Northwest Arkansas? 


From Monday-Wednesday, Dec-28-30th, we're opening up the ice rink for extended public ice skating hours from 12-8 PM at our regular price of $5 per person (plus $2 skate rental if you don't have your own skates).

That's just $7 a person, or we also have our family rate of $20 for a 4 person family. You can enjoy the rink without breaking the bank. 

What's your favorite memory from The Jones Center ice rink? #JonesCenterFun