Adult Hockey Leagues

The Jones Center Hockey League
(JCHL) is a fun-first league designed to attract and develop new players.

Fall Season 2019

B League- Sept. 15th - Dec. 22nd

A League- Sept.16th - Dec. 23rd

Registration Deadline September 6th!!

Online Registration Guide

If you are having online registration issues. Please contact Mitchell Wayman to register: 479.756.8090 | ext. 2167

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Hockey Ice Time | public

Stick & Puck
$5 / session or 1 punch pass
Public Session for hockey players to develop their stick & puck handling and shooting skills.

* helmet, gloves & stick required
* scrimmaging not permitted


Pick-Up Hockey
$5 / session or 1 punch pass
Public Session for hockey players with varying skill levels to play pick-up style team hockey

* Must be at least 16 years old

full gear required


Hockey Punch Pass

+ Click here to set up or renew a punch pass online.

Step-by-step guide to set up a punch pass

With our new hockey punch pass everyone can now prepay. Prepay for an amount of punches of your choosing ($4/punch) and then use these for drop-in hockey, stick & puck, public skates, skills clinics or Summer Puckin'. This can all be handled over the phone or online. No more waiting around to pay every week before getting on the ice with the added bonus of a discounted price.

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For more information
about Recreation, call Mitchell Wayman at 479.756.8090 | ext. 2167 or email at