2019 Results

1st Place Female: Sarah Russell

2nd Place Female: Erica Asfahl

3rd Place Female: Reagan Roth

1st Place Male: Michael Pierce, Brent Rush (TIE)

3rd Place Male: Patrick Caffrey

Overall Swim: David Gean

Overall Bike: Patrick Caffrey

Overall Run: Reagan Roth

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The JC Indoor Triathlon is a swim, bike, and run event all taking place inside the walls of The Jones Center. Participants will have 10 minutes to swim, 20 minutes to bike, and 15 minutes to run in order to log as many miles as possible. This event is the perfect opportunity for beginners to try their hand at a triathlon and for seasoned triathletes to gear up for spring competition.

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Triathlon Challenge: Click here for more information about our 6 week training challenge leading up to the the Jones Center Triathlon.

When: March 7, 2020

Where: The Jones Center Pool and Fitness Center, 922 E. Emma Ave. Springdale, AR 72764

Ages: 15 and older

Wave Times: Waves of 9 participants will take off every 25 minutes between 8:10am- 10:40am

Race Entry: All indoor triathlon entries include an official 2019 JC Indoor Triathlon souvenir and refreshments.


Swim: The 10 minute swim portion of the JC Indoor Triathlon takes place in our 25 yard lap pool. Goggles and swim caps are recommended but not required. Event staff will record each participants distance based on number of lengths completed.

10 Minute Transition: After the swim portion, participants will have 10 minutes to dry off, change clothes/shoes, and get upstairs to the fitness center spin bikes. There will be a refreshment table with water and Gatorade in the fitness center.

*Note- participants who arrive late to the bike or run portion will not be given additional time.

Bike: The 20 minute bike portion takes place on a Keiser M3 Indoor Bikes. Participants can set the spin bike to their desired resistance. Event staff will record each participants distance in miles based on the spin bike digital monitor.

5 Minute Transition: After the bike portion, participants will be given 5 minutes to move over to the treadmill area. Water and Gatorade will be available.

Run: The 15 minute run portion takes place on Matrix T7xi treadmills. Participants may set their desired speed and elevation on the treadmill. Event staff will record each participants distance in miles based on the treadmill tracking.

Scoring: Our scoring system gives each of the three events equal weight. The swim, bike, and run will each be worth 100 points. Male and female with the greatest distance in each event will be awarded 100 points. For example if a male goes the farthest distance out of all the other male participants in the swim portion, he will receive 100 points. The male who goes the second farthest will be given 99 points. Each participant's final score will be out of a possible 300 points.

Awards: The first, second, and third place male and female will receive an award.

Volunteers: If you are interested in volunteering at this event, please contact Meredith Joseph (mjoseph@jonesnet.org, 479-756-8090 ext. 2168).

Race questions: Meredith Joseph, mjoseph@jonesnet.org, 479-756-8090 ext. 2168

Sponsorship opportunities: Meredith Joseph, mjoseph@jonesnet.org, 479-756-8090 ext. 2168

Media inquiries: Jake lane, jlane@jonesnet.org, 479-756-8090 ext. 2214